Proraso Pre&after shave cream refresh

100ml ref 400400
300ml ref 400104

Proraso Pre & After Shave Cream For its habitual users, it holds a propitiatory role for the morning shave. The cream can be used before and after the shave to soothe and protect the skin. Eucalyptus oil soothes you while menthol gives a pleasant feeling of freshness. Proraso pre & aftershave prepares your skin surface for the ultimate smooth shave. Thus creating and easier & faster shave making life a just that little bit easier for the busy man. The smoothness of the shave has other benefits as well, less skin irritation and your razor will remain sharper longer. Proraso products have been used by professional barbers in Italy, for over sixty years and in Australia more than 50 years.


Proraso pre&after shave cream nourish with shea butter

100ml 400402

Designed to nourish and protect course beard and dry skin. Has a thick concentrated texture , it softens the beard, help the razor glide smoothly over the skin to prevent damage and irritation. Use after shaving, to nourish  dry skin and  to protect from irritation and ingrown hair.


Proraso shave soap jar refresh

150ml ref 400420

Proraso Eucalyptus Shaving Cream will leave you a shave as fresh as you've just walked out of a barber in Firenze Italy, transforming shaving in to a pleasant daily habit. Proraso Shaving Soap in a mug is best used with a shaving brush. Proraso shaving cream will last longer than most shaving creams and helps clean and moisturize the skin.


Proraso shave soap jar nourish     

150ml  ref 400422

Proraso Red Sandalwood shaving soap in a bowl with Shea Butter is a luxury lathering skin friendly soap designed for coarse beard and sensitive skin. Proraso Red possesses a subtle sandalwood scent with additional moisturising properties of Shea Butter. The performance is what you would expect from Proraso simply exceptional.

The new formula of Proraso Sandalwood with Shea butter follows suit with the latest formulations and is free of parabens, silicones, mineral oils or artificial colours   


Proraso shave cream tube refresh

150ml ref 400410

Which has serviced a close comfortable shave for generations, owes its fame to the formula rich with eucalyptus oil. Protecting even the most sensitive skin, Proraso leaves you with an invigorating feeling of freshness.

How to use:
Prepare your face with warm water, or after shower. Then it’s recommended to use Proraso pre and after shave cream at first, and massaged gently in the area you wish to shave. Just dab a little cream from the tube onto a wet brush, no mess no fuss.


Proraso shave cream tube nourish

150ml ref 400412

The traditional vegetable stearin based formula is enriched with natural ingredients which makes it particularly rich and concentrated. Shea butter keeps the skin soft and nourished, Sandal oil has a calming anti-inflammatory effect.


Proraso shave foam refresh

300ml ref 400430

This luxurious foam offers the pleasure of a smooth, perfect shave. The traditional formula of Proraso Shaving Foam is enriched with eucalyptus oil, menthol and glycerin to soften and smoothen the skin. Proraso Shaving Foam is a treat everyday!

How to use:
First make sure that you have washed the area you desire to shave in warm water, and then recommended to use Proraso pre & after shave cream. Splash on some more warm water then apply the Proraso shaving cream straight from the pressure pack to your hand, then apply where desired. When finished shaving, rinse the area shaved in cold water. Proraso shaving foam comes in two handy sizes the 50ml which you can carry anywhere. The small size makes it very practical in small bathrooms or just to save space. The 250ml presents good value and lasts over six months.


Proraso shave foam nourish

300ml ref 400432

A rich thick foam with Shea butter and Sandal oil.
Excellent for coarse beard and dry skin.


Giftbox silver

ref 400353


Vintage  Giftbox refresh

ref 400359


Vintage Giftbox sensitive

ref 400360


Vintage  Giftbox nourish

ref 400361


Proraso Professional Shave brush

ref 400590

The Proraso Shaving Brush is made of natural bristle. This slick, professional brush which is slightly bigger than many other brushes on the market, will give you that edge for a professional shave. The natural hairs feel good on the skin and the large grip makes the brush nice and easy to handle.

How to use:
Make sure you submerge the brush into warm to hot water for about ten minutes before used, then hang your brush upside down to make sure the water drains. When the brush is cold (does not have to be completely dry) then it’s ready for use. Keep hanging your brush upside down after every use. This will stop your brush from rotting and bristles falling out and you can keep your brush for longer..



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